the rise in commercials with bi-racial couples & families

As you have, I’ve noticed the increase in commercials and ads depicting more interracial couples, mostly black and white, although I do appreciate more commercials with other ethnicities as well.

The question of whether this will aid in America’s need for addressing diversity, equity and inclusion remains “questionable”. Most companies say they want to represent DEI; but they also have a specific strategy with ads and that is to achieve sales. Because most interracial couples have experienced discrimination or racism at some level, there would be a tendency to believe that experience breeds greater levels of empathy and they would tend to be more empathetic to others who experience it also. Although there remains a small 4% of couples who meet this criteria, if these trends continue to increase so will those who have the potential for greater empathy who can in turn have a higher propensity to show it to others. Doesn’t really compel me to see support for the cause for corporate commitments to DEI, as the realities need to be demonstrated far beyond the ads.

Published by bthwceo

Advocate for Health Equity and Social Justice just because I believe I'm to be a bridge for our broken world. My objective is to find a balance of truth, yet love for all who have a desire to see our world push through this hard space of indifference

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