If God Conceives of It, He Can Bring About the Answer

Reading Watchman Nee, a prolific Christian author, of the 20th century, he shares that unless God conceives of a thing, He cannot bless it. The words challenge me to seek to find what God’s thoughts might be on equity and justice and there are many. Indeed Psalms 33:5 states “The Lord promotes equity and justice; the Lord’s faithfulness extends throughout the earth.” Clearly he conceives of it. It is His intent to have men and women acknowledge His authority in this matter. He uses mere men and women to execute. My desire is to find small ways to invite others to conversations as well as actions to do the same. Where is it that we begin. It starts with the commitment to full transparency and the strive to stop judging each other and use the energy to aid those in places of decision-making authority to test solutions that matter and teach along the way.

Published by bthwceo

Advocate for Health Equity and Social Justice just because I believe I'm to be a bridge for our broken world. My objective is to find a balance of truth, yet love for all who have a desire to see our world push through this hard space of indifference

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