the rise in commercials with bi-racial couples & families

As you have, I’ve noticed the increase in commercials and ads depicting more interracial couples, mostly black and white, although I do appreciate more commercials with other ethnicities as well.

The question of whether this will aid in America’s need for addressing diversity, equity and inclusion remains “questionable”. Most companies say they want to represent DEI; but they also have a specific strategy with ads and that is to achieve sales. Because most interracial couples have experienced discrimination or racism at some level, there would be a tendency to believe that experience breeds greater levels of empathy and they would tend to be more empathetic to others who experience it also. Although there remains a small 4% of couples who meet this criteria, if these trends continue to increase so will those who have the potential for greater empathy who can in turn have a higher propensity to show it to others. Doesn’t really compel me to see support for the cause for corporate commitments to DEI, as the realities need to be demonstrated far beyond the ads.

Where Do We Start in Conversations on Equity

It’s a huge question of where to start for all of us. Even though we have very passionate ideas about how to fix our world, invariably we will always leave something or someone out, given the many layers to these issues. My objective is to continue to look for spiritual insights and guidance, while taking small steps to do the things I can do right in front of me. Having conversations with friends and neighbors who don’t look like me is a great place for me to start. In my work space, we have opportunity for honest and trusted conversations about race and equity and we can be patient with each other in working towards a place of mutual respect. What are your thoughts?

If God Conceives of It, He Can Bring About the Answer

Reading Watchman Nee, a prolific Christian author, of the 20th century, he shares that unless God conceives of a thing, He cannot bless it. The words challenge me to seek to find what God’s thoughts might be on equity and justice and there are many. Indeed Psalms 33:5 states “The Lord promotes equity and justice; the Lord’s faithfulness extends throughout the earth.” Clearly he conceives of it. It is His intent to have men and women acknowledge His authority in this matter. He uses mere men and women to execute. My desire is to find small ways to invite others to conversations as well as actions to do the same. Where is it that we begin. It starts with the commitment to full transparency and the strive to stop judging each other and use the energy to aid those in places of decision-making authority to test solutions that matter and teach along the way.

One Answer As To Why I still think the impact of racism & slavery matters today

While I know I should forget what YOU did-not-do to me and had no part in, from my past;

It does not make for denial of my experience and all that I’ve suffered which unfortunately cannot be erased that fast;

I will strive not to blame you if you strive not to ask me to deny what it means today;

There is much work that you have done to compensate for the present struggles of others which I cannot begin to repay;

I’m grateful, I  give you that; but what I also give you is the need that we have together to right wrongs;

So that the deeply woven harms created by centuries of evil men and women, this time around, won’t last as long.